Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Legacy Docks, Decks and Bulkheads LLC

Our company believes in Building Our Docks to Last! What we have learned and realized in our thirty plus years of experience within the construction industry of high end remodeling around the historic districts of Jacksonville is that trying to remodel another persons work can be tough due to the previous builders difference in skill set, techniques and pride put into their work. We took this knowledge from renovating and remodeling houses and plugged it into our Marine construction company. Resurfacing / framing over another builders previous work is defiantly do able, but is not going to be the best bang for your buck. We have began our marine construction company with the ability to completely demolish the old wore out dock that was applied previously to our projects location and began to rebuild our new dock from scratch. Doing so allows us to build our Docks in the best way possible, with the strength and stability to with stand everyday weather and natural disasters that may come along the way. Constructing our Docks in this manner includes hammering our poles in deeper, using larger poles in general and reaching a minimum of six feet to the top of our decking from mean high tide water levels. We also X brace each set of poles and attach double framing for extra stength and sturdiness in the long run. Completing our projects using these methods will completely alter any thoughts and concerns you may have when the next hurricane is heading right for your dock.
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